Thursday, July 2, 2015

The Super Hero Academy!

 On June 24th, the Clardy Fox Library hosted a “Super Hero Boot Camp” presented by “MARK Ø”, of the Super Hero Academy. 

"Mark 0"

There were approximately 25 trainees participating in the Super Hero Boot Camp!
Pic blurred to protect the identities of the trainees
Trainees were invited to craft their custom Super Hero costumes from a wide array of masks, wrist cuffs and capes!

After completing their costumes, trainees were required to complete a series of challenges that tested Speed and Agility (running through a cone drill), Accuracy (ball toss/throw) and Strength (lifting a 1000 lb. barbell)!

Here we see trainees leaping tall buildings in a single bound! The training is almost complete!

With the training nearly complete, MARK Ø presented the trainees with their weapon…The Crepe Paper  of Truth. MARK Ø explained that the Crepe Paper of Truth was to be used only to fight evil and that trainees would know when to use it. 

Trainees with the Crepe Paper of Truth

All was going well until there was an interruption...Oh no!

It's the terrible "Khan Fiction"!

The “Black Spheres of Condensed Illiteracy Energy” were placed throughout the library! Trainees acted fast to remove the Black Spheres from the library and take them back to the training center to be destroyed!

MARK Ø destroying a Black Sphere!

With his plans foiled by the trainees, Khan Fiction makes one last desperate attempt to steal the trainees’ Graduation Presents…their Goodie Bags!

The Trainees act fast and remember their “Crepe Paper of Truth”. They use it to wrap up the terrible Khan Fiction and defeat him once and for all. Khan Fiction is kindly escorted from the library and told if he returns he will be issued a trespass warning.

The trainees, having defeated Khan Fiction, graduate and are rewarded with an Official Super Hero Certificate and Goodie Bag!

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